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Tuesday afternoons from 4:15 - 6:15 p.m.  Ages 5-13, plus GET SET ALEF BET class for Preschool children ages 3-4.   Bar/Bat Mitzvah training.

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Imagine a Hebrew school where kids don't want to miss a day! Our students come to school with a smile and leave humming a Hebrew song! Our challenge at Chabad is to find ways to open the minds and souls of our students, so that they will want to learn. Thus, at Chabad Hebrew School we have developed a curriculum that moves from a focus on teaching, to a focus on learning. A new and creative learning environment replaces the traditional Hebrew School setting. The atmosphere has to be upbeat, fun, and inspiring, so that our students like being with us.


We believe that our staff has to be living role models for our students. In addition to the Rabbis and Rebbetzins, our staff consists of young men and women whose youthful enthusiasm, knowledge and creative energy bring spirit, warmth, and a wealth of education to our school.

We believe that children learn from doing, and that frontal teaching does not work in an after-school setting. Our students learn through engaging their artistic abiliites or by an actual hands on lesson. For example, we teach the High Holidays with fantastic Honey Making and Create your Own Shofar workshops! The children learn about Shabbat by coming down to the Rabbi's house and making their own Challah and Matzah Ball soup at Thursday night Cook-a-thons! Art, Music, Drama and Song, enrich the students lessons and help them learn in a fun and exciting manner. JYZ Youth Zone, open to all children in the community, is a monthly event with assorted themes, Mitzvahs and morals!


Our Hebrew Language curriculum assures that your child will eventually be reading from a Siddur - prayer book, and understanding the meaning of many prayers. Our teachers emphasize conversational Hebrew, and the students are further exposed to the language through music and drama, and by studying directly from biblical text.

While we encourage Synagogue attendance, we do not require our students to be members in a Synagogue. Our student body is comprised of children ages 3-13, from various backgrounds and affiliations, and all of our families are invited to attend services at the Chabad synagogue.

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In the section below, you will find helpful information regarding our program. Curricular description, forms, calendar, schedules and news are all included . Pictures are also posted online regularly, giving you the opportunity to share in your child's Hebrew School joy.

General Outline

Our students learn to read & write Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity using the highly innovative and creative Aleph Champ program, time tested and proven to be the fastest and most effective method of teaching Hebrew reading and writing. Please visit for more information on this motivational program.

Study of the weekly Torah portion provides our students with practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.

Our students will attain an affection for our heritage and the uniqueness of our homeland Israel.

The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages.

Traditions and celebrations, exploring the Jewish Holidays and Shabbat will provide a deeper understanding for our students. Hands on events bring joy and a sense of belonging to all our students.

Beginning with the origins of the mitzvot and stressing practical applications in our daily lives, our students will explore a personal Jewishness.


Annual tuition fee $750.00 - Chabad members. Non Member tuition fee $1,000.00. Registration and book fee - $75.00. For payment options and Hebrew School scholarships, please scroll down below for more information.

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