Jewish Youth Zone


Our Jewish Youth Zone is geared to children ages 5 -13, providing them with fun and interesting events throughout the year such as Pizza parties, Ice-skating, movie nights, outings to basketball games, art, woodworking and more!

The zone is a "happening place" for kids to come and hang out with other Jewish children in a fun and happy environment.

The Chabad Jewish youth zone boasts vibrant and hip young youth leaders, who spend the year at Chabad teaching and running community programs. Youth zone is open to the community, and you need not be a member of Chabad Hebrew School to join.

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Emails and mailers are sent out each month, personally addressed to the children, advising them of upcoming events and activities. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please e mail us your address or call our office at 949-499-0770. Click below for pics...Scroll down for flyers of past events!

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